Mithu Chakraborty

Photography came to Mithu as a mere demand to fulfill her creative pursuit. Since a young age, she used to be inspired by photographs from various artists, with her father being her first inspiration. The first time she held a camera was her father’s, and memories of him taking family portraits on Sundays on bright winter mornings are still vivid in her mind.

Moving on, in 2010 Mithu gifted herself her first DSLR and started exploring the world differently through her camera. A self-taught photographer, she takes a large interest in traveling to different parts of the world, which helps her explore and experiment with people from different regions, cultures, and festivals. Since early 2015, she started taking a large interest in street photography after meeting Vineet Vohra and Rohit Vohra in Singapore, an encounter that completely changed her perspective on photography.

Mithu gets inspired and energized by the world around her, finding her freedom to express liberating. Photography, to her, is not only freezing a moment in her lens but interweaving various stories in a single frame. More importantly, she enjoys the fun of capturing a moment that’s gone forever and making a lifetime memoir. 

She believes street photography is not only the most complicated and complexed genre of photography but also the most exciting area of applying one’s patience, intelligence, perseverance, and presence of mind. To her, there is no dull moment in the streets; streets never sleep, hence action continues.

Originally from India and living in Singapore for the past two decades, Mithu, apart from managing a Global Commodity Trading Business in Singapore since 2008 which demands a major portion of her time, is also a theatre person, and fashion and jewellery designer (created her own line of ethnic wear and accessories).

Her photographs have been featured and awarded in a number of online photography and other forums, such as National Geographic Your Shot, Pushkar Fair Contest, and various travel competitions. Her works have been featured in international magazines like Chiiz, India Se, and Street Photography Artist Magazine. Her photography has been exhibited on various platforms such as Women Street Photographers, Head On Photo Festival, Indian Photo Festival, Women in Street Singapore, National Library Singapore in collaboration with Oflimitscollective, Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

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