Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal, hailing from Ahmedabad, India, is a street photographer and painter. She initiated the Hardcore Street Collective on Instagram, offering workshops in art and photography for various age groups. Her street photography venture began in 2013 with her first DSLR purchase.

A photojournalism course in Mumbai heightened her confidence, while participation in APF workshops refined her skills. In 2017, she established the Hardcore Street Collective Instagram account, now with about 64k followers.

Operating from Ahmedabad, her studio, the HeArt Space, serves as a hub for diverse artistic pursuits. She aims to host artists from different genres to share their expertise.

Shweta finds streets captivating due to their ever-changing dynamics, enjoying the challenge of capturing genuine moments and the essence of human expressions, colors, and textures in her photographs.

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