Suhitha Shetty

Photography to Suhitha is a way of keeping her creativity alive. She practices different art forms like Indian classical dance, painting, journaling , scrapbooking etc. She says she derives a certain joy when she creates something creative. Although she started photography as a venting process (wherein she could express her creativity,) she got an opportunity to shoot commercially . 

Through the decade of shooting professionally , she delved into different genres of photography, including weddings and fashion, etc. She says she loves experimenting with different genres and that it keeps her creative juices flowing. She particularly likes it when there is a human element in her frame. In fact almost all her frames has a human element. She is drawn to it she says. And this led her to begin travelling, so that her love for interacting with people could continue. Photography not only keeps her creativity going , it also helps her document moments and gather memories.

Her pictures have a unique style because her experience in multiple genres has helped her incorporate different styles and aesthetics and apply them into the street photography genre. She feels that this is a rewarding process and believes that this is one of those art forms where the learning never stops. She says that every outing with her camera ends up being a learning opportunity . The greatest challenge for her as a photographer is to satiate her constant desire to learn, improve and remain creative. 

Her photographs have been exhibited in many prestigious photo festivals like Exposure in Sharjah, Women Street Photographers NYC exhibition , In Iran and Hamburg , Germany with 24Hours project, a few times at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad , The Ballarat foto Festival in Australia, etc. She is also the co-founder and mentor at Find Your Creative Voice , a platform for photographers where workshops are conducted to train and guide photographers in different genres of photography. She joined Hardcore Street Collective in 2023 as a curator.

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