Julia Coddington

Julia Coddington, hailing from Australia, specializes in street and documentary photography. As the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective alongside Rebecca Wiltshire, Julia fosters a platform and community dedicated to Australian women, non-binary individuals, and intersex street photographers. She also serves as an administrator for @womeninstreet, a thriving international community of women street photographers.

Julia holds membership in the Little Box Collective and has been honored as an Honorary Member of the Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography. Notably, she was nominated for the prestigious 2020 Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

Beyond her photographic pursuits, Julia extends her expertise through international workshops and those held across Australia, often collaborating with her partner Gerry Orkin and Vineet Vohra in India.

In her personal life, Julia shares her home in Austinmer, New South Wales, with Gerry, two sausage dogs, and her three adult children. Continuously seeking travel and adventure, Julia finds fulfillment in exploring new horizons.

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