Sigrid Debusschere

Sigrid Debusschere, born in Ghent and residing near Brussels, Belgium, transitioned from a career in multinational company marketing after university to pursue photography and graphic design at an art academy in 2010. 

Embracing the freedom of street exploration, she also engages in documenting daily life through various projects. Notably, she initiated a series of street portraits in black and white, culminating in a successful solo exhibition titled ‘Street Portraits’ in Belgium in 2015.

Her talent has garnered recognition, with multiple finalist appearances in prestigious contests such as those organized by Women Street Photographers, Miami Street Photography Festival, and others since 2016. Notable accolades include winning First Prize at the Maastricht Photo Festival (NL) in 2019 and receiving a Bronze Medal at the Paris International Street Photo Awards in 2020. 

In addition, her solo exhibition ‘Hidden Magic’ toured 17 locations in Belgium from January 2022 to October 2023. Her artwork has been showcased internationally, from New York City to Sydney.

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