Sunhil Sippy

Sunhil Sippy, born in 1971 in London, UK, spent his early years in North London suburbia and attended a local prep school. Later, he pursued his education at Harrow School before venturing to Georgetown University, where he earned a degree in English Literature in 1994. Prior to his university years, Sippy explored California and briefly attended photography school. 

In 1995, he arrived in Bombay with aspirations of entering the film and advertising industry, drawn by his admiration for television commercials as a unique art form. Despite the challenges of breaking into the industry during a time of technological transition, he persevered.

Sippy’s journey took a significant turn with a heel injury, leading him to discover street photography during therapeutic walks in Bombay. 

Over a decade, he documented the evolving essence of the city, culminating in his photo book “The Opium of Time,” portraying Mumbai’s resilient yet fragile character. Sunhil currently resides and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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