Rammy Narula

Although initially unenthusiastic, Rammy Narula ventured onto the streets armed with a camera gifted to him by his brother in late 2011, urging him to “clear his head.” Despite his lack of prior interest in photography, he came to realize that passions often sneak up unexpectedly. Street photography unexpectedly became his lifeline, as he aimlessly wandered through the familiar streets of Bangkok, initially seeking solace.

What began as a mere stroll evolved into a profound exploration of life’s intricacies. Through this journey, he discovered the power of being present, shedding the constant mental chatter to focus on the essence of the moment. Drawing inspiration from street photography masters, he learned the importance of eliminating distractions to hone in on what truly matters – the people and experiences surrounding him.

With practice, Rammy grasped that genuine attention to the subject surpasses the allure of advanced equipment. His goal shifted towards capturing the essence of life with simplicity. Observing people closely, he deciphered their gestures – a language of inquiry, compassion, or introspection. Each photograph became a portal into the depths of human experience.

In documenting these moments, he endeavored to empathize with his subjects, recognizing the uniqueness of their perspectives. Through photography, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of the world that surrounds him.

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