Paul Russell

Hailing from London, born in 1966, Paul is a street and documentary photographer currently based in Weymouth, UK. His photographic style revolves around capturing candid moments, devoid of any staging or manipulation. 

Notably, his work has found its place in the esteemed collection of the Museum of London. Additionally, he is proud to be among the 46 international photographers featured in the 2010 publication by Thames & Hudson, titled Street Photography Now.

Paul’s artistic endeavors delve into the concept of mapping the psychogeographic landscape. He is intrigued by illustrating how human conduct intertwines with our surroundings, encompassing both living and non-living elements. 

Viewing his photography as an exploration of human natural history and ecology, Paul’s approach draws inspiration from my academic exploration of animal behaviour. While we readily indulge in conventional nature documentaries and birdwatching, seldom do we pause to scrutinize our own everyday actions with similar depth and curiosity.

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