Nayeem Siddiquee

Nayeem Siddiquee, commonly recognized as “Nayeem Jabaz,” hails from Chittagong, Bangladesh, born on June 21, 1995. His journey into street photography, undertaken with sincere dedication, commenced in 2016. 

As a member of the esteemed Little Box Collective, Nayeem’s photographic endeavors reflect a profound expression of his personal sentiments, emotions, and creative visions, meticulously captured through his lens.

His photographic portfolio has garnered international recognition, with his works being showcased in various exhibitions across the globe. Notable accolades include the Grand Prize Winner at the Urban Photo Award, a distinguished placement in the Top 23 at the Miami Street Photo Festival, and securing the position of 2nd runner up at events such as Photo Sofia and Out of the Box. 

Furthermore, his contributions have been acknowledged at esteemed platforms like the London Street Photo Festival, Italian Street Photo Festival, Street Photo San Francisco, Break the Circle, and Bangladesh in Frame, among others.

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