Muhammad Imam Hasan

Muhammad Imam Hasan, originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, was raised in the capital city. Professionally, he serves as a Child Specialist at Dhaka Shishu Hospital while pursuing his passion for street photography. Additionally, he is recognized as a Fujifilm X photographer in Bangladesh and holds a faculty position at Counter Foto photography institution.

His journey into photography began in 2013 when he started capturing images of his daughter. Over time, his interest in the art deepened, particularly in street photography. He enrolled in Pathshala in March 2013, completing courses in Basic and Foundation Photography.

Initially drawn to Travel and Lifestyle photography, Hasan shifted his focus to Street Photography in January 2014, finding resonance in the intricate layers, emotions, and fleeting moments of Dhaka’s inhabitants.

Hasan’s photography has gained recognition both nationally and internationally, with his work featured in various newspapers, magazines, and social media platforms. He has received numerous accolades, including winning the StreetFotoSanfrancisco 2017 Single Image category.

Beyond capturing images, Hasan shares his expertise through workshops on Street Photography, both domestically and internationally. He has also served as a judge in notable photo contests such as STREETFOTO SAN FRANCISCO and the LONDON STREET PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL.

As a founding member of Insight Collective, a Bangladeshi street photography collective, and a member of the international Little Box Collective, Hasan actively contributes to the global street photography community.

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