Matt Stuart

“I am not sure which came first, being nosey or an interest in “street photography”, but a fascination with people and the way they live their lives is why I enjoy the business so much.”

Matt Stuart, born in 1974, grew up in the verdant outskirts of Harrow, in North West London. Despite an unremarkable academic journey, at the age of 11, he found himself summoned to perform a trumpet solo in front of the Queen Mother, with her reaction left unrecorded. 

It wasn’t until 1986, when Matt stumbled upon skateboarding after viewing “Back to the Future,” that his passion for the sport consumed his every moment until 1994. It was then that he realized the newfound allure of the opposite sex, diverting his attention from the half-pipe. Additionally, he briefly dabbled in Kung Fu, albeit with regret.

Recognizing his son’s divergence from martial arts prowess, Matt’s father introduced him to photography through the works of Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Since then, photography has become Matt’s paramount passion, although his interest in skateboarding and women persists, thankfully without any further entanglements in Kung Fu.

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