Exhibition 4

February 2024

Ritankar Mazumder

Ritankar Mazumder (b.2000) is a Calcutta-based photographer known for exploring human culture and religious practices in India. His work delves into the intricate tapestry of diverse religious rituals and the everyday moments of human life, capturing the mundane with profound insight. Mazumder’s lens offers a unique perspective on the complexities of Indian society and spirituality.

Gokhan Arer

Born in 1970 in Istanbul, Gokhan pursued Chemical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University and held senior sales and marketing roles until 2012. Discovering photography in 2015, he delved into street photography after a course sparked his interest. It became his passion, offering freedom and joy. Gokhan is now part of the Turkuaz Street Collective, finding solace and happiness through the lens.

Dennis Zelaya

Dennis, an American self-taught amateur photographer, specializes in travel, documentary, and street photography. His fascination with photography sparked during high school but flourished 8 years later when he began traveling. Influenced by anthropology studies, travel shows, and photographers like Alex Webb and Steve McCurry, Dennis captures the human condition and the aesthetic relationship between people and their environments, reflecting subconscious reactions to the fascinating world around him.

Anindya Mondal

Anindya Mondal, a dedicated street photographer, captures the essence of urban life with creativity and precision. His lens reveals vibrant festivals and tranquil village scenes, embracing the diversity of human experience. Mondal’s work, blending action and documentary styles, narrates compelling stories from bustling streets to serene landscapes, encapsulating the extraordinary in everyday moments.


Raghav Vyas (Raghaf) is a self taught photographer based in India. His passion lies mainly in documentary and street style photography but he enjoys experimenting with 35mm films and video formats a lot. He likes to document anything and everything around him, ranging from surreal phases to serene faces. He aspires to bring a change in the country’s system for good and tries to elevate perceptions whenever he can. Apart from his love for photography, Raghaf works as a creative director and a journalist to earn his bread. He is also a freelance writer in his free time.

Chetan Verma

Chetan, a passionate street photographer and professional software engineer, resides in Gurgaon but frequently ventures to Delhi on weekends to capture the essence of everyday life through his lens. Having begun his photography journey around 2017, he considers himself fortunate to have documented life’s beautiful and fleeting moments. Street Photography, for him, serves as a medium to recognize the multitude of intriguing possibilities that exist in plain sight, awaiting discovery by those who observe closely enough.

Himanshu Mestry

Himanshu Mestry, a Mumbai-based Commercial and Editorial photographer, discovered his passion for photography early in life, which evolved into a lifelong pursuit. Opting to transform his passion into a profession, he embarked on a full-time career in photography. He finds immense joy in exploring the streets of the city, whether it’s the familiar local neighborhoods or distant onsite locations, capturing extraordinary moments through his lens.

Sannidh Raychaudhuri

Sannidh Raychaudhuri, a street and documentary photographer, ventures into the surreal and unconventional realms. From urban streets to the depths of the subconscious, he captures unseen dreams and moments. His lens delves into a vast surreal landscape, revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary, enticing viewers to embark on a journey exploring the enigmatic aspects of human existence.

Anuron Mulik

From childhood, Anuron was drawn to landscapes, capturing sunrises and sunsets initially in Auto mode. Progressing to Manual mode, he self-taught DSLR fundamentals on his terrace, supported by his father. Influenced by photographers like Sammya Brata Mullick and Vineet Vohra, Anuron explored street photography, capturing candid moments and cultural festivals. Photography’s challenges and experiences enriched me, creating cherished memories frozen in time.

Omkar Karpe

Omkar Karpe is an independent photographer based in India finds profound connection with street life through photography, cherishing the innocence and sincerity of outdoor experiences. For them, capturing moments is a meditative process, believing it’s the eye that frames the essence, not just the click of a button. Photography has not only changed their perspective on the world but also how the world perceives them.

Soumyajit Dey

Soumyajit Dey, a street and documentary photographer hailing from Kolkata, began his photographic journey in 2015 as a hobbyist when his father gifted him a camera. Over time, his passion for photography burgeoned, prompting him to delve deeper into the craft. Fascinated by new locales, diverse cultures, and people, he endeavors to capture their essence. Currently, he serves as a photographer for The Telegraph online in Kolkata, viewing photography as a means of freezing moments in time.

Suvam Jaiswal

Suvam Jaiswal, an enthusiast of urban life, seeks to encapsulate its essence through his unique perspective. For him, photography is not just a hobby but an art form, freezing raw, unfiltered moments and narrating tales. Specifically focusing on Indian cities, he finds beauty and rhythm amidst the chaos and cacophony, weaving intricate stories through his lens, capturing the soul of bustling streets and vibrant cultures.

Uday Khambadkone

Uday Khambadkone, born and raised in Mumbai, moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Engineering. Though always interested in art, photography came to him accidentally through a darkroom college course in Irving, Texas. Travel has always lured Uday to various places to explore the people, culture and their customs: From exploring the Romas in Zenica, Bosnia to Catarina doll making people of Capula, Mexico. From a shelter home for cancer kids in Mumbai, India to an NGO school for mentally disabled kids in Quito, Ecuador. The lens has allowed him to break stereotypes and be a cultural passport to understand the world better.

Vivek Sagar

Vivek Sagar, a Delhi-based street and documentary photographer, endeavors to capture the essence of everyday life and the myriad human experiences. His portfolio reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of imagery to elicit empathy and stimulate introspection. Embracing the intrinsic beauty of mundane moments, he celebrates the rich tapestry of individuals and locales. Through his lens, Sagar aims to foster greater understanding and encourage viewers to perceive the world through fresh perspectives, one snapshot at a time.

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