Exhibition 3

December 2023

Santanu Dey

Santanu Dey, a Kolkata-based street photographer, balances his passion with a career in finance. Since 2018, he’s honed his craft, contributing to the India Street Art Collective and editing Exposure Magazine. His work has graced prestigious platforms like Nat Geo and IndiGo Airlines. Dey’s photography has been exhibited internationally, including in Romania and Italy in 2013, marking milestones in his artistic journey.

Andrea Misurova

Andrea Misurova, a Slovakian street photographer, draws inspiration from serendipitous encounters, aiming to capture unique moments that blur the line between reality and imagination. Her creative journey is profoundly shaped by the diverse locales and individuals that provide the canvas for her exploration. Rooted in the pursuit of perfection, her work delves into the intricacies of human connection and the hidden beauty found within everyday scenes.

Ana Cichowicz

Ana Cichowicz, a Brazilian artist and anthropologist based in Berlin, merges anthropological and philosophical concepts in her artwork. Her pieces delve into themes of foreignness, territoriality, and the essence of everyday urban life. Comprised of photography and video art, her creations have been exhibited globally in galleries, festivals, and biennials, offering viewers a unique perspective on cultural exploration and the human experience in contemporary society.

Catherine Naylor Leyland

Catherine Naylor-Leyland draws inspiration from family, friends, travel, architecture, and colours. She is passionate about framing, lighting, composition, and details. Her diverse career spans portraiture, fashion, reportage, and journalism, including working for Mary McCartney and assisting Suzy Menkes. Naylor-Leyland has amassed a 35mm photographic archive for Menkes, which will be published as a book. She also enjoys combining travel with street photography, especially in India, fostering new friendships and experiences.

Dhruv Makwana

Dhruv Makwana, a street photographer situated in Surat, is driven by an innate passion for street photography. His fascination lies in the unpredictable dynamics of the streets, where scenes evolve continuously, presenting an exhilarating challenge to seize the perfect moment. What adds to his excitement is the opportunity to interact with a diverse array of individuals and delve into their distinctive lifestyles, making his photographic journey all the more enriching.

Gurnoor Singh

Gurnoor Singh, an Indian photographer now based in the UK, delves into human behavior and the natural world in his photography. His focus lies in capturing the interplay among individuals, spaces, and the environment, drawing inspiration from his surroundings. Through his lens, Singh intricately examines the relationships between people and their surroundings, shedding light on the complexities of human life and the beauty of the natural realm.

Jean Flavien

Growing up in Nice, Jean-Flavien Piquemal developed a profound fascination for light, colors, and human connections. Resembling a painter, he endeavors to capture luminosity, even within the gaze of his subjects. Remarkably diverse, this artist indulges in cinema, music, and endless conversations, embarking on journeys to encounter urban imagery. Streets, with their vibrant energies, pulsating rhythms, and kaleidoscopic inhabitants, captivate him, as he seeks to unveil the intricacies and multidimensionality of reality through their vivid hues and profound shadows.

Kishan Harwalkar

Kishan Harwalkar, a dedicated Software Engineer residing in Bangalore, India, finds immense joy in the trifecta of travel, nature, and photography. Venturing into a myriad of locales, he meticulously encapsulates their rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and natural allure through his camera lens. Street and travel photography are his forte, channels through which he articulates his profound admiration for capturing the authentic essence of each destination. With each click, Kishan strives to immortalize the unique narratives embedded within these picturesque settings.

Jyotik Bhachech

Jyotik Bhachech, a psychiatrist and visual artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, advocates for the therapeutic power of creativity. His solo exhibition, “Umar: The Essence of Life,” debuted in 2017, marking the beginning of his acclaimed artistic journey. Bhachech has received numerous accolades, including the Drishti trophy in 2018 and multiple international exhibitions. In 2024, he was honored with awards at prestigious events like the Paris International Street Photo Awards and the Exposure International exhibition. Additionally, he was recognized by the Forest Department of Gujarat for his contributions to environmental awareness. Presently, Bhachech focuses on capturing the essence of Ahmedabad’s urban landscape through his photography.

Kevin Aquino

Delving into the realm of photography commenced for them through Street Photography, a passion they’ve steadfastly maintained. They find solace in the candidness of street scenes, describing it as an “escape” that envelops them in a trance-like state during each stroll. While acknowledging that their affinity for street photography may seem conventional, they adamantly maintain that it serves as their therapy. Their fondness for capturing non-human elements amidst the urban milieu shapes their artistic pursuit, preferring to observe rather than actively seek subjects, resulting in capturing the extraordinary within the mundane rhythms of everyday life.

Levi Goldbaum

A German street photographer, influenced by the aesthetics of 70s and 80s horror movies and immersed in alternative subcultures, began his journey into street photography around 2019. He aims to express himself through color and a sense of immediacy, drawing observers into the spaces and narratives he explores. Constantly seeking improvement, he dedicates his spare time to capturing photos and studying the works of fellow photographers worldwide.

Meet Kuntmal

Meet Kuntmal, a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is professionally engaged as an engineer. Alongside his engineering pursuits, he fervently pursues street and documentary photography, showcasing his keen eye for capturing the essence of everyday life. Embracing his passion, Meet navigates the bustling streets, weaving narratives through his lens, while also delving into the realm of documentary photography to chronicle compelling stories.

Nikhil Singh

Nikhil Singh is a Documentary and Street photographer from Varanasi, India. Photography, to him, is feeling each and every frame and discovering new stories through his lens. He loves documenting life and stories of people around him. Experimenting with frames and discovering something new everyday is a major force behind his dedication. His photographs have been nationally as well as internationally acclaimed by eminent platforms.

Tom Roman

Tom Roman, hailing from Lima, Peru, currently calls the USA his home. His journey into photography spans seven years, ignited by cinematic influences and nurtured through self-guided learning. Engaging fervently in both domestic and global endeavors, Tom contributes to various projects, exhibitions, and publications. Through these platforms, he not only demonstrates his profound dedication to photography but also shares his artistic vision with audiences worldwide, enriching the discourse on the craft.

Victor Tan

Since 2011, armed only with an iPhone 4, Victor Tan began uncovering unseen aspects of Singapore. What started as a pastime soon transformed into his ardor. He captures irreplaceable moments—a man’s devout gesture, a lover’s embrace, a child’s inquisitive gaze—yearning to grasp life’s essence as it unfolds on streets and alleys.

Ajay Parvathi

Ajay Parvathi, hailing from Chennai, has been immersed in photography for the last three years, capturing moments of his city and its people. Photography grants him the ability to connect closely with individuals and their experiences. He finds particular joy in capturing the dynamic and captivating scenes of the streets, where chaos and beauty intersect. Wherever he travels, Ajay observes the unfolding moments around him, selecting those that bring peace to his mind and soul.

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