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February 2023

Mona Singh

Mona Singh, an Indian artist, transcends photography’s boundaries, crafting poetic reflections of her journeys. Her images resonate with untamed symbolism, drawing viewers into intricate emotional webs. Mona immerses herself in her subjects’ stories, capturing human essence with profound beauty. Her lens unveils the heartbeat of streets, blending reality with dreams. She is a storyteller, an artist, painting emotions onto life’s canvas, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary narratives.

Greg Mo

Greg Mo, born in Paris in 1981, is a self-taught street and conceptual photographer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With a focus on Asia, Mo’s lens has traversed India, Indonesia, Burma, Japan, and China over the last decade. He has authored five photography books, including “Sleep in Cambodia” and “Ride in Cambodia”. Notably, his project Khovid21 documented daily street life during the Covid 19 pandemic. Mo’s work, marked by ambiguity, explores themes of climate change. He teaches street photography philosophy through workshops in Asia.

Sai Min Htet Oo

Sai Min Htet Oo, a New York City-based street photographer, is driven by a lifelong passion for capturing authentic moments of life. His journey began with a fascination for photography at a young age, evolving into a profound connection with the world through the lens. Sai’s dedication to street photography led him to explore various learning avenues, shaping their craft and commitment to depicting the essence of New York City’s bustling streets.

Sigrid Debusschere

Sigrid Debusschere, a Belgian photographer based near Brussels, boasts numerous accolades, including First Prize at the Maastricht Photo Festival. Her work spans global exhibitions from NYC to Sydney and features in international magazines and books. Notably, her solo exhibition ‘Hidden Magic’ toured 17 locations in Belgium. Sigrid captures street scenes and daily life, designs photo books, and conducts workshops on handmade photo book creation.

Tejal Mewar

Tejal, a working woman in textile exports, discovered photography as a hobby in 2014. Self-taught, she crafted her style by studying exemplary works in photography forums and publications. Believing in perpetual learning, she finds joy in capturing candid street moments, where authenticity reigns supreme. Photography brings her happiness and fulfillment, driving her to continuously enhance her craft and seek deeper satisfaction in her work.

Gurudas Bate

Gurudas Bate, a Mumbai-based mobile photographer, delves into street and travel photography, uncovering captivating narratives in everyday moments. Winner of the Indian Photographer of the Year 2022 in the Mobile Category, his work graced prestigious exhibitions including Bombay Art Society at Jehangir Art Gallery. Notable accolades include Top Five in Sony BBC Earth’s “Earth in Focus” and Silver in Budapest International Photo Awards 2022. His work has been widely exhibited and featured globally.

Ganesh Vanare

Ganesh Vanare is a renowned photographer from Mumbai, India who specialises in travel and street photography. According to him, people are a mixture of emotions and belief and he tries to bring the extraordinary out of ordinary. Every moment has a story and photography helps him showcase this to the world. His mission in life is to “explore the intersection of creativity and empathy.” He is a sought-after speaker, having presented at TEDx, various institutions and creative conferences across the country. His body of work showcases culture, tradition and festivals of India which revolves around people and their stories. Many of his work has also been exhibited in various exhibitions across India.

Mary Crnkovic Pilas

Mary Crnkovic Pilas, a Sydney-born street and documentary photographer, settled in Zagreb, Croatia, after her studies in Music and French. Initially trained in analog photography in 1995, she resumed her passion after walking the Camino de Santiago in 2016, pursuing digital photography. With a penchant for black and white imagery, Mary captures the essence of daily life, echoing Robert Doisneau’s belief in the streets’ untold tales. Her works, acclaimed globally, reflect her profound storytelling ethos.

Harsha Vardhan

Harsha Vardhan P, a 26-year-old IT engineer, is a self-taught street and travel photographer known for his creative vision and unique perspective. Traveling across India, he immerses himself in diverse cultures, capturing life’s moments with passion. Harsha’s accolades include winning top prizes in renowned competitions like One Plus Photography and Telangana Tourism/TCEI contests. His relentless pursuit of excellence defines his journey in the photography community.

Fuat Altintas

Fuat, a Turkish-born street photographer based in Vienna, focuses on everyday life, capturing moments with minimal human presence in vibrant colors through digital photography. He aims to evoke reflection and storytelling through his images. Fuat’s works have been featured in exhibitions like “Instantly! Vienna Street Photography” at the Wien Museum in 2022 and the 2nd hardcore.street.collective exhibition in Ahmedabad, India, in 2023.

Asli Ulas Gonen

Asli Gonen, a Turkish photographer from Central Anatolia, finds beauty in everyday moments without formal training. She focuses on street photography, often incorporating her shadow or reflection into compositions. Inspired by Saul Leiter’s philosophy of finding beauty in simplicity, she captures fleeting moments amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Her work has been showcased internationally and featured on book covers. Gonen also served as a final jury member for the Pisa Street Festival 2022.

Fermin Guzman

A Mexican street and documentary photographer based in Chimalhuacán, began his journey in 2008 through courses and workshops. He gravitated towards documentary and street photography, exploring Mexico’s urban landscapes. His camera serves as a tool to capture unique moments in cities like Chimalhuacán, Nezahualcóyotl, and Texcoco. He founded “La Pura Street Photography Mexicana” on Instagram and is a member of the “La Estrit” collective, promoting Mexican street photography.

Mithu Chakraborty

Mithu discovered photography as a means to pursue her creativity, inspired by her father’s early influence. Obtaining her first DSLR in 2010, she delved into self-taught exploration, particularly drawn to street photography after a pivotal encounter in 2015.
Mithu finds freedom in expressing stories through her lens, believing streets offer endless inspiration. Besides her commodity trading business, she’s a theatre enthusiast and designer, earning recognition for her work internationally.

Roshani Shah

Roshani Shah, a Mumbai-based Daily Life Street and Travel photographer, defies stereotypes, embracing a determined lifestyle. Despite a background in finance and corporate work, her heart lies in photography. Opting to pursue her passion, she captures moments to spread joy. Roshani believes streets are teeming with unseen narratives, each photographer’s perspective unique. With collaborations with top brands and global exhibitions, she embodies versatility and zest for life. Her mantra, “Don’t procrastinate, do what you love,” encapsulates her ethos. #SpreadKhushiya.

Kazi Muhaiminul Islam Munaj

At 22 years old, Kazi Muhaiminul Islam Munaj, hailing from Bangladesh, is not just a student at the University of Chittagong but a dedicated photographer. His lens delves into the vibrant tapestry of street and fine arts, where his passion finds its true expression. Beyond mere hobbyist pursuits, he immerses himself in the profound intricacies of life, infusing each captured moment with a palpable sense of joy and discovery, thereby transcending photography into a deeply fulfilling endeavor.

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