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December 2022

Cam Crosland

Cam Crosland, a self-taught photographer from London, UK, is renowned for the “Fishing With Dynamite” flash photography series. A Modern History & Political Science graduate turned software tester, then counselor, Cam embraced photography in 2010. Their work delves into personal experiences, exploring contrasts and connections. Using off-camera flash since 2017, Cam’s art illuminates both metaphorically and literally. His work spans publications, exhibitions worldwide. Cam is a member of Full Frontal Flash collective.

Lenny Ruiz

Lenny Ruiz, a Venezuelan street and documentary photographer based in Buenos Aires, draws inspiration from the urban landscape, capturing compelling stories within its folds. Influenced by iconic photographers like Saul Leiter, William Eggleston, and Vivian Maier, Ruiz seamlessly integrates geometry, juxtaposition, and vivid colors into his compositions. His work intertwines ordinary moments with vibrant hues, crafting narratives that resonate with depth and vitality.


Hemanshi Kamani

Renowned photojournalist Hemanshi Kamani, based in Mumbai, India, captures life’s vibrancy with unmatched detail and storytelling. Her work transcends cultural boundaries, shedding light on social justice and diversity. With a keen eye for raw emotions, she blends seamlessly into her surroundings, fostering global resonance. Hemanshi’s commitment extends beyond the lens, nurturing aspiring storytellers and advocating for positive change, solidifying her status as a luminary in photojournalism.

Pranay Agrawal

Pranay Agrawal, a photographer from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, delves into street and documentary photography to unveil hidden societal narratives and his city’s vibrancy. His focus on local art and festivals illuminates Mathura’s cultural heritage. While not a seasoned pro, Pranay’s four-year dedication reflects in his work, offering unique glimpses of his community. Beyond photography, he’s a silver merchant and a published computer science researcher, showcasing diverse talents.

Manish Jaisi

Manish Jaisi, a Delhi-based banker turned street and documentary photographer, delves into the mysteries of Delhi through his lens. Transitioning from macro and landscape photography, he infuses his work with a distinctive, mysterious touch by employing flash techniques. With a decade-long journey, Jaisi’s captivating imagery captures the essence of the streets, revealing the hidden narratives of urban life.

Eduardo Ortiz

Born in 1990 in Los Angeles, Chile, he flourished artistically in Valparaiso. After studying classical guitar, he embraced nomadic life in 2016, cultivating a culinary portfolio and deepening his love for photography. Spanning South America, Europe, and Asia, his street photography captures each region’s essence. Through his YouTube channel, he generously shares his techniques, inviting viewers into his vibrant world of imagery and exploration.

Sunny Quintero

Sunny Quintero, a seasoned photojournalist from Mexico City, brings a decade of experience from Excelsior newspaper. As a freelancer for Xinhua News Agency, her work graces national and international publications. She’s showcased in collective and solo exhibitions in Mexico City. Quintero, founder of Mexican Women Photographers, received accolades including finalist titles in Women Street Photographers NYC 2022, Urban Photo Awards 2022-2023, and more.

Dhruv Makwana

Dhruv Makwana, a Surat-based graphic designer, ardently pursues street photography for its inherent unpredictability. The dynamic nature of the streets captivates him, where every moment unveils a new scene. Embracing the diversity of people and lifestyles enriches his photographic journey, making each capture a testament to the vibrant tapestry of life.


Bharat Gupta

Bharat Gupta, leading Jagran New Media (JNM), boasts 22 years of experience across print, radio, and digital media. Under his guidance, JNM serves over 100 million users, ranking among India’s top 10 internet media groups and top 30 globally. He received recognition for leadership during COVID-19, including the “India’s Best Leaders During the Time of Crisis” award. Apart from work, Bharat finds joy in travel, music, and photography.

Komal Bedi Sohal

Komal, an advertising veteran with accolades from international shows like Cannes and D&AD, transitioned to photography after 30 years. Based in India, she travels globally for projects and commissions. Her work graces exhibitions worldwide and has been featured in prestigious publications. Komal’s photography captures fleeting moments, offering viewers a glimpse into her vibrant journey and inviting them to share in her world.

Ximena Echagüe

Ximena Echagüe, a Belgian-Argentine Documentary & Street Photographer and Curator based in Brussels, has exhibited globally in over 20 countries across Europe, America, and Asia. Her work, featured in renowned publications like New York Times and National Geographic, reflects her passion for street photography. She has curated and produced significant projects like Women Street Photographers and Fotógrafas LATAM, with her first book, Trapped, slated for release in December 2023 by Daylight Books.

Suhitha Shetty

Photography to Suhitha is a way of keeping her creativity alive. She practices different art forms like Indian classical dance, painting, journaling , scrapbooking etc. She says she derives a certain joy when she creates something creative. Although she started photography as a venting process (wherein she could express her creativity,) she got an opportunity to shoot commercially. Through the decade of shooting professionally , she delved into different genres of photography, including weddings and fashion, etc.

Catherine Naylor

Catherine Naylor-Leyland draws inspiration from family, friends, travel, architecture, and colors. She is passionate about framing, lighting, composition, and details. Her diverse career spans portraiture, fashion, reportage, and journalism, including working for Mary McCartney and assisting Suzy Menkes. Naylor-Leyland has amassed a 35mm photographic archive for Menkes, which will be published as a book. She also enjoys combining travel with street photography, especially in India, fostering new friendships and experiences.

Dmitry Stepanenko

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Dmitry, born in 1987, embraced street photography upon relocating to the UK in 2010. Co-founding The Street Collective in 2013, he exhibited his work internationally, including at the Museum of Western and Eastern Art in Ukraine and Stour Space in London. Dmitry published “Heavy Colour” in 2017 and “In Bloom” in 2018, and co-founded the London Street Photography Festival, earning recognition at various festivals worldwide.

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